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Are you running your Business, or is it running you?

Small Business Owners, you want a business that works for you, not one that relies on you “to work”.

"More Money/Profit, More Time and a Better Team"

The villains here are the beliefs/common knowledge you hold on to about how to build a growing, profitable business. You’ve tried it all and you seem to be stuck with the same problems. When you search for new solutions to your problems you are overwhelmed with the books, workshops, experts. Who and what can you trust?

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You can trust these solutions

You can trust these solutions/best practices and most importantly the tools to execute them in your business.

And most importantly the tools to execute them in your business.

I have spent 40 years in business the last 10 as a successful Business Coach researching, learning, testing and executing solutions and tools that solve every business problem you have. This is the content I have built and use with my coaching clients. Now you can have 24 hour access to a wealth of knowledge/solutions I have brought together. I took the best, proven techniques and put them in one library in an easy to learn format that you can access anytime.

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One on One Personal Coaching

You can trust these solutions/best practices and most importantly the tools to execute them in your business.

Rick Wallace has spent years learning the best, proven tactics and strategies from the most world renowned business leaders. Rick knows what works because he practices what he preaches and is willing to be your guide to a successful, profitable business owner.

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Virtual Coach

Available 24/7, a library full of resources and lessons dense with the tools and strategies you need to make the biggest impact on your business’s growth

One-on-One Coaching

Get personal coaching attention on-line or in person, directly from Rick Wallace. Trusted by scores of successful business leaders around the country.


Commit to your success

Just knowing does not create results. To reach the best possible outcome, you have to put in the work upfront. Sign up for the virtual coach now!

Too Damn Busy?

You can do everything, just not at the same time. How can you do the things you love and run a successful business? So many people I meet think that they need to work the weekends and long hours during the week in order to ensure their success. This is just not true!

There are many techniques that when practiced consistently actually free up more time for the things you love AND grow your business. But, nothing comes automatically. I can teach you the proven strategies that help you become the leader you always knew you could be.

“Rick has taken 8 years of learning from the best minds in the industry, shared it, tested it, and coached it. He has developed an online coaching program that works for those who are committed to building a great business — a successful business. It is like a mini MBA, but the case studies are on your business.”

– Ken Albrecht
Reliable Propane of Clarence, NY

“I have owned this business over 30 years and kept my head above water, tried to do a little better than last year, tried to manage people better, worked 60 hours a week, and eked out a little profit. I had a job basically — and a stressful, risk-taking job at that. I was below 20% on the success continuum. This program turned my company and my life around. The content, learning, tools, and processes that I focused on took my profits into the mid-teens, my work week is down to 45 hours. I can take a couple of vacations a year and I have a team of A Players who, like me, enjoy being here every day. Now I’m in the 80% range on the success continuum!”

– Frank & Debra Smith Washing Equipment of Tennessee

“My first meeting with Rick was on a Saturday because I did not have time during the week. This program showed me the lies of many of my long-held beliefs about building a great business and taught me the truth about new best practices and processes that have brought back my passion and engagement in the things I love to do. More time, more money, and a better team is the result of my engagement with Rick’s coaching program. I’m not working Saturdays. I’m taking weeks at a time to visit the grandkids — and my revenues and profits are up.”

– Jack Mathison Expedite Trucking, Buffalo, NY

“Knowing is not enough, we must do. Rick’s coaching program works! You have to commit to the “doing,” but the learning, best practices, processes, and — most importantly — the tools and actions he provides will move you down the road to over 80% on the success continuum. Stop doing the same things only faster — learn the proven way to build and lead a business.”

– Lynette Ladd
Chemworks of Forney, Texas


Look Back, Look Ahead, Commit

Most people are looking back on the past year with a tinge of regret. They’re wishing they’d worked a little harder and/or gotten bigger results. They’re also looking ahead, hoping to turn things around in the upcoming year. Maybe they’re hoping for a miracle that...

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