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There’s something rare, something finer far, something much more scarce than ability. It’s the ability to recognize ability.”
Elbert Hubbard

The War for Talent is the biggest threat to your business. I discuss it constantly with my clients and I would say is at least the top 3 pain/problem they deal with every month. Here are my top tips on winning the battles.

  1. Recruiting must be a ROCK for your company and you should spend at least an hour a week on it, every week.
  2. Recruiting I said not hiring – building a Virtual Bench so that you are not caught in a panic having to find A Players when you need them. These people have jobs – so vet them and keep in touch for when you need them.
  3. Treat recruiting like Marketing – define the Ideal Employee Profile for each job you have and understand the pains they have working in their present jobs (for someone else). Leadership, management, hours, overtime, how they are treated, can’t be creative etc, etc.
  4. 4.Create emails sharing what you are looking for with friends, family, all your employees and business associates. Make sure you tell them that you want names of people who are working now. This is important because most people, when ask, will only think about people they know who are presently looking for a job.
  5. 5.Create Ads – that start out with the pains above – like are you an HVAC technician and tired of  going out in the middle of the night, weekends, crawling into attics etc. etc then tell them why contacting you would be their dream job.
  6. Indeed – you have the ability there to proactively search for resumes ( many are working but their resumes are on there still) that fit your criteria – then contact them, reach out and discuss what they don’t like about their present jobs and why talking to you could result in their dream job.
  7. Be looking for Talent everywhere – waiters, retail, customer service , etc. I have had clients whose best hires have been consummated this way. If someone impresses you with their attitude and engagement in their job and you that is the talent you are looking for to put on your Virtual Bench. Have cards handy and have your employees doing the same.
  8. Remember A Players have 3 attributes:
    1. Skill (the least important) – at least the basics
    2. Will – They want to learn and get better
    3. Thrill – Their attitude, engagement with the company, the team, the purpose
  9. Put out a bounty for your employees – $XXX amount if we hire them, $XXX amount if they are on board 6 months later.
  10. Talk to your customers and ask who the best sales, service, customer service people they know are.

Remember…Market, market, market!

Get the word out to everyone and tell them what you are looking for. Say that some people probably have jobs now – but ask who they know that would fit this profile, because you want the best.

Don’t continue to only recruit when you need someone – build a Virtual Bench.

Don’t postpone this, putting it off because you are too busy. This is a Rock, a Hell YEAH!

Block the time a little each week and make this a habit for you and your employees.