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“There’s something rare, something finer far, something much more scarce than ability. It’s the ability to recognize ability.” – Elbert Hubbard

A Players in every position. Great players on your team. Nothing is more uncomfortable for a business owner or leader than hiring and firing. But if you want a great company you have to take a couple of hours a week and always be recruiting. Building a great virtual bench, coaching your players and giving them every chance to step up. But when they don’t, or can’t, you have to manage them out of the business. Listen to Brian Tracy on the subject (4 minute video).

Think of your company as a professional football team. Scout and recruit the best, (they are probably working for someone else), coach the team you have to be the best they can be, and move quickly on those that are not performing. The other teammates know who that is and studies show good people quit companies because they see management is doing nothing about replacing the C Players.