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Coaching is about helping people be the best they can be. Coaching is about bringing follow up and accountability to people. Here is an idea about how to approach your Weekly Coaching Conversations with a more positive spin.

The following is from Taki Moore a business coach from Australia:

I saw a thread about how to do accountability.

So, I need to preface this by saying, “What I’m about to share is my opinion. There are others who disagree. All have a different take.”

Here’s my personal take on accountability.

I think most people say they want it; nobody actually wants it.

In fact, I remember a year and a half ago, I had a client who was begging for more.

He was in Boardroom, and he was begging for more accountability. So, he set up a little accountability structure.

This guy was probably the most kind of gung-ho dude I’ve ever had in the program.

We set up a weekly accountability structure, and he didn’t use it once.

So, let me tell you my problem with accountability.

I feel like most people do accountability through the rear-vision mirror.  They look backwards.

So you’ll say, “So, you said you were going to do this for homework last week. Did you do it?”

I say, “No.” Or that I’m starting to feel bad.

In fact, I started to feel bad when I started to think about today’s call because I knew I hadn’t done your homework, and you were going to ask me the question.

And we started this spiral now where every time I think about working with you, I feel guilty.

And the easiest, frankly, to stop feeling guilty is to either be a massively transform as a human being and doing my homework (unlikely); or to stop showing up at the sessions.

The problem I’ve got with past-focused accountability is that it’s all about checking up on people, and then you get into this weird parent-child relationship thing which, frankly, is no fun.

I think about accountability as future-focused.

What I always say on every coaching call is, “So, tell me about the progress you’ve made since last time we’ve spoken. What are your wins?”

Why? Because it gives you a ton of focus and ability to tell me all of the good stuff you’ve done; whether it’s business-related or not.

It might be more than you say, it might be less, it might be something completely different. I don’t care. What it does is it starts every call with momentum.

So instead of saying, “Did you do your homework?”, or “Did you make your goals or progress on your Rocks?“, you can say, “What progress have you made?” And that, instead of turning the past into a source of guilt, it turns the past into a source of momentum.

Future-focused accountability is all about moving you towards the future; not reviewing about the past.

You’re never going to get to where you want to get to by beating yourself up.

So the 3 questions you can use instead are:

  • “What progress have you made?”
  • “What do you need help with right now?”
  • “What are you going to do next?

All leaning ahead.

We’ll see how that transfers into that core belief around future-focus translates into all of the coaching and accountability of work we do, and then as a distinctly different flavor.

Hopefully, that helps.

Stay future-focused!

All the best,