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Only about 20% of people can go to a gym on their own or buy exercise equipment and really get in shape. For the other 80% they need a personal trainer. Same with business owners. One on one Coaching is exactly the same as a personal trainer. It is the accountability of knowing you have an appointment you paid for.

The coach leads you through the learning, lays out the actions, follows up and adds that accountability factor to help you ensure you execute them in your company. No one will judge you. I will work with you, have some fun and take your company to the next level. Simply call me and we can have a conversation about your objectives and find out if you have the commitment necessary to realize the best ROI you have ever achieved on any investment you have made in your business.

Two Coaching Options

Two flexible, robust options so you can choose the method that’s right for you.

Online Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

Online Access 24/7 to proven, tested best practices and the tools to execute them YES – unlimited seats for your use by key managers too YES – unlimited seats for your use by key managers too
Coaching Sessions Group “Call ins” Biweekly One on one Sessions (4 per quarter)
Accountability Self Me
Your Commitment to doing the work Strong Strong
Financial Investment $69 per month Approx 10X (size of company)
ROI – if you execute Outstanding Outstanding

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How does it work?

The Starting Point
  • Transformation through Doing
  • Beliefs
  • Success Continuum – How do you rate your success?
  • Self-Limiting Beliefs – Actions
Lesson 1: The Right Things — Doing the RIGHT Work
  • Introduction
  • You Don’t Have to Change Who You Are
  • Essentialism
  • Rocks and Pebbles
  • Deep Work
  • Productivity without “Busyness”
  • Schedule for Success
  • Action Sheet
Lesson 2: The Leadership Matrix — Planning and Execution
  • Introduction
  • 6 Epiphanies of a Coach
  • The Leadership Matrix
  • Strategic Planning Document Video
  • Strategic Process Planning Document — Template
  • Strategic Process Planning Document — Sample
Lesson 3: Clarity — Purpose and Vision
  • Introduction Clarity. Why is it important?
  • Start with Why. What is yours?
  • Your BHAG
  • Vision
  • Copy of The Power of Clarity
  • Action Page
Lesson 4: Clarity — Core Values
  • Introduction
  • Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch
  • The Container Store — Kip Tindell
  • Lesson from the All Blacks
  • Take Action
Lesson 5: Focus — The Numbers
  • Introduction
  • Profit
  • Revenue and Gross Margin
  • Labor Productivity — The Huge Lever
  • Warren Buffet on Productivity
  • Profit — GM % and Productivity Video
  • Price Elasticity — Impact of Price on Gross Margin and Profit
  • Where the Hell is the Cash? Part 1
  • Where the Hell is the Cash? Part 2
  • Statement of Cash Flow Video
  • Greg Crabtree Videos
  • Financial Spreadsheet
  • Action Page
Lesson 6: Focus — Smart Goals
  • Introduction
  • Are they SMART?
  • Your Commitment and the Questions to Ask
  • Destination Postcard
  • SWOT Completion
  • SWOT Document
  • Action Page
  • Benchmarking — Shock and Courage
Lesson 7: The Right Things — Strategies and Tactics (Rocks)
  • Introduction
  • Strategy Before Tactics
  • Ideal Customer Profile — Presentation
  • Ideal Customer Profile — Documenting It
  • Strategy — How to Develop Yours
  • Strategic Moves — Analysis Sheet
  • Tactics: The Rocks — The Action that Makes the Magic Happen
  • Start, Stop and Keep — Get the Whole Team Involved
  • Why Are You Not Taking Action?
Lesson 8: Execution — Rhythm
  • Introduction
  • The Power of Routine
  • Weekly Huddle
  • Weekly Huddle Company Dashboard
  • Weekly Huddle Dashboard Video
Lesson 9: Execution — Coaching vs. Managing
  • Introduction
  • Labor as an Investment
  • People — Coach for Profits
  • What a World Class Coach Does
  • Weekly Coaching Conversations — The Doing
Lesson 10: Execution — Weekly Coaching Conversation
  • Introduction
  • Bringing Out the Best in People
  • Just Listen
  • Agreements vs. Expectations
  • The Tool: Weekly Coaching Conversations
  • Reminder: Schedule for Success — Block Your Calendar
  • Copy of Schedule for Success
Lesson 11: The Right People — “A Players”
  • Introduction Lesson
  • Skill, Will, and Thrill
  • Run It Like a Professional Sports Team
  • Don’t Send Your Ducks to Eagle School
  • Evaluate Your Team
  • Evaluate Your TEAM — Job Responsibilities & Job Fit Exercises
Lesson 12: The Right People — Recruiting and the Virtual Bench
  • Introduction
  • Always Be Recruiting
  • Stress
  • How to Attract Great People
  • Lesson from Duke
  • Letting People Go
  • Monster Resume Search
  • Ideas for Recruiting
  • Action Sheet
  • TIP — Finding “A Players”
Lesson 13: 2 Second LEAN
  • Introduction
  • 2 Second LEAN Owner’s Guide
  • Morning Huddle — 20 Days of Meetings
  • Video Library
Lesson 14: Marketing Strategy
  • Introduction to Marketing Philosophies, Part 1
  • Introduction Marketing Philosophies, Part 2
  • Seth Godin — 10 Principles
  • 10 Traits of a Guerrilla Marketer
  • Marketing Strategy Presentation
  • Roar — E-book Chapter 1
  • Value Proposition
  • Sell the Problem — Other “Sethisms”
  • How to Build a Value Proposition
  • Value Proposition Template
  • Action Page
Lesson 15: Marketing Planning and Tactics
  • Introduction
  • What Marketing is Not
  • Power of Persistence
  • 20 Steps to A Highly Effective and Efficient Marketing Plan
  • Free APPS to Help You Develop Your Tactics
  • Content Marketing Video MARCOM PLAN — Marketing Communications Plan
  • Unlimited Budget Marketing Calculator — ROI
Lesson 17: Marketing Tactics Referrals
  • Introduction
  • NPS Survey
  • Referral Strategy First — 15-minute Video, John Jantsch
  • How to Create Client Referrals
  • Referrals — Video Overview
  • What Really Triggers a Referral?
  • 3 Ways to Boost Your Referrals
  • Formal Referral Package Template
  • Testimonials
  • Action Page — NPS, Referrals, and Testimonials
Lesson 16: Marketing Tactics — Offers
  • Powerful Offers and Lifetime Value of a Customer
  • 58 of the World’s Greatest Offers
  • 10 Commandments of Lead Generation
  • 38 Ways to Use Free
  • Action Page
  • Brainstorm and Build Your Offers
  • Action Page — Offers
Lesson 18: Marketing Tactics — Websites and Online
  • Websites: Get Found Online
  • Inbound: Website
  • Super Charge Your Website
Lesson 19: Marketing Tactics — Direct Mail, Email, and Phone
  • Duct Tape Marketing Chapter 9
  • Email Marketing Hubspot
Lesson 20: Marketing Tactics — Nurture with Tips
  • What is Lead Nurturing?
  • Just Give Us More Leads
  • 10 Ways to Engage
  • 7 Critical Things Emails Should Include


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