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“Knowing is not enough — If you keep DOING the same things the same way you will keep getting the same results. You don’t have to change yourself to be successful you simply have to be your best more of the time which means working on the right things more of the time.” 

– Various Successful People


Successful business owner’s know that “thinking” is the 2nd most valuable thing they can bring to the business, the first is taking action on that thinking.

They know they need to be proactive some part of each day and not reactive all day.

Successful business owners know that they need to work on “the right things” more of the time.

They know their team needs a Plan and Goals and Actions to achieve those goals.

They know that “follow up and execution” vs. starting and stopping are keys to success.

They know they need a rhythm in the business to ensure communications and execution.

They know they need a team that is competent, committed to getting better and engaged with the success of the team and the company. (They know they need A Players in every position.)

They know that like a great sports Coach they cannot play the Game – they need to focus on making the players the best they can be if they are going to win.

They know that knowing is not enough, they must do!

Start your 2017 with an hour of thinking – complete the Forward Focused Reflection document (Click here for instructions and here for template).

What are you proud of accomplishing in 2016? What was incomplete, what aspirations do you have for 2017 and what do you want to be different in 2017. It is a great exercise to jump start your planning and thinking about this upcoming year. Put it on paper.

Now how do you make those ideas come true? You have to do things differently.

If you want to learn and then take action on building a great, profitable business in 2017 you might consider my Online Coaching Program. It has the proven knowledge, best practices, the tools and the Actions to take your business to the next level.