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“You don’t have to change who you are to be successful,
you just have to be your best (focus on the right things) more of the time.”
– Sally Hogshead

“The world’s most successful people may seem superhuman, but to think that they are fundamentally different from you is dead wrong”, says Tim Ferriss. Author of The 4 Hour Work Week.

In fact, the author, entrepreneur and investor says telling yourself otherwise is just an excuse for your own lack of achievement.

“Successful people – however they define that – succeed despite their flaws, not because they don’t have any,” Ferriss tells CNBC. “They succeed despite their insecurities, not because they don’t have any.”

He has since written other books and launched the podcast “The Tim Ferriss Show,” where he interviews a range of accomplished people.

The reality is not so glamorous. “Every multi-millionaire that I know, and every billionaire that I know, has had days when they would prefer to just stay under the covers,” he says. “They all have their own demons.”

That’s why he wants to debunk this idea that successful people operate on a different plane than the rest of us.

“You don’t need to be perfect to get started,” says Ferriss. “And you are never going to be perfect; you just have to get started.”

Indeed, Ferriss, the man who launched a career around being the four-hour-workweek guy, says he sucks at efficiency. But he’s learned a disciplined technique to keep him on track: Each day, he writes down, with pen and paper, the three to five most important items on his to-do list for the day and then blocks out a two- to three-hour uninterrupted chunk of time to work on the most important item.

Please watch these three – 1-2 minute videos to see how he does it and why. He has a simple take on Essentialism, Rock sand Pebbles and Deep Work that I found as “aha moments”.:

 Don’t be a Donkey – Essentialism put another way

Hell Yeah or No – Tim Ferris – Essentialism saying no to almost everything so we can focus on the Essential things

Productivity Superpower –  Single Tasking, Deep Work – Blocking Time – Ferris
Freedom, Blocks time for learning, turn on airplane mode