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‌It is time to start thinking about 2018. The best tool I have found to start that process is to take about 45 minutes and complete the Forward Focused Reflection Document.

Before we leave 2017, it asks you to reflect on the year. What you are grateful for achieving, what were your big wins, and what did you not get to. It is good for a change to think back and look for the successes you had in the prior year. We seldom do this in business. But it sets the tone and the foundation to plan the future.

The last 3 questions provide a template for thinking about and committing to the goals and essential things you want to get done in 2018. Here is the template – take some time and reflect and plan.


PS – This is a typical pain/problem/want/need you as a business owner run into weekly in your business. That is why I have built the Pain Relief Vault. You never know what will come up, so you have 24/7 access to proven solutions/best practices for any problem you run into. For more best practices on this topic with the tools to use to execute the best practice subscribe to my online coaching.