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Featured below is an hour long webinar with the author of the new book The Science of Selling, David Hoffeld. In recent posts I introduced you to his scientific based processes to hire and coach great salespeople. Now I want to introduce you to his scientific sales processes that focus on the way people buy, not the way people sell.

Remember the power of story in our marketing lessons? David’s new scientific sales processes and discoveries are based on the 6 steps of all the myths and stories. He tells us why it works based on the science of how we make decisions to buy, not the art of selling.

The Story has the following steps:

  • The hero (the prospect)
  • The problem they have
  • We are the guide
  • We present a plan
  • The hero takes action on the plan
  • The hero get the results they are seeking

You will see David has codified how as a guide we step the hero through the buying process. We present the plan and by stepping through the plan in the same manner that the hero’s brain goes about buying, we convince them to take action.

Here is the webinar that explains it all and why it works.