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“The only thing you are going to do today is: what you do today. Therefore, the only thing there is to do today is: what you do today. That’s all there was to do when you started no matter what you thought or think.”

– Werner Erhard

What you do today creates your future.

With that in mind what you get done today is all you will do today. It is not all that needs to get done, it is only what will get done.

With just today in mind and what will get done today – what you do today will create your future. What, of all the things that need to get done, is the most important to ensure you are creating a better future? If you can only get done today what gets done today then what choices do you need to make and what time do you need to make (not find) to ensure those special things get done today?

If you understand this you should be feeling a little more relaxed, a little more confident, a little more decisive and focused. If you don’t – you better go back and read it again.

Now get at it, block time, commit and focus on the special things that will create the future you want. What gets done today is all that you do today.