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Where do you go to Learn?

Every day you have problems and pains in your business that are holding you back. You can spend countless hours and hours reading books and going to workshops to glean the main points and best practices for building a successful business. But you don’t have to. I’ve done that for you. I have built an Online Library of the best of the best practices and more importantly the tools for building a great, more profitable
small business.

The Leadership Matrix


The Right Way

Taking action on what you learn here. Turak makes the comparison to golf. You don’t learn to be a golfer, you practice to “become” a golfer.

Do the Right Work

Understand what it is that you are doing and judge if it the right work that has the best chance of success.

The Right People

Learn how to identify, coach, recruit and hire A Players That will multiply your profits and make your business A place you enjoy and one that is not relying on you Every minute to succeed.

Learn these and other powerful practices in the Virtual Coach Library.

You will have access 24/7 to this learning (articles, book summaries, videos and audios) and the tools to take action for only $69 a month.

We will help you answer all your questions…

How do I reduce the businesses dependence on me “to work”

How do I get it all done – just don’t have the time?

How do I get my team to be accountable for results not for being busy?

How do I identify “A” Players and where and how do I find them?

What interview questions do I ask to determine “fit” in my company?

How do I increase my profitability without raising prices and cutting expenses?

How do I execute better?

How do I manage better?

What is coaching vs. managing?

How do I coach employees successfully?

How do I know what The Right Things to work on are?

I how do I implement a pay for performance plan?

What are core values and why do I need them defined?

Why SMART goals are vital to growth?

How to look at labor and marketing as investments not expenses?

Why do I need to profile and focus on my Ideal Customers?

Everyone comes to me with questions – how can I stop this and still do things right?

How do I train and develop my sales people?

How should I structure my sales team better?

How do I develop effective marketing plans and execute them?

How do I reduce waste and increase productivity of my team?

A company that works for you vs. one that relies on you to work. 

This program teaches you the Planning, Strategy, Time Management, People, Execution, Recruiting, Process, Sales and Marketing and the tools you can use to take action and get the results you are looking for.

More Money, More Time and a Better Team.

A Virtual Coach

Learn Better

One thing I have learned from the last 9 years of coaching small business owners is that following the same old beliefs but doing them faster does not work, it only gets you to the wrong place sooner.

This is a resource for you

A place to go when you are stuck, want to learn a better way, or a place to go on your schedule to begin building a better more profitable company step by step, lesson by lesson.

“Rick loves to learn and share what he learns with us. Step by step – we used the best practices and tools in the Vault to transform our business. We prioritize the pains, focus on one at a time, learn and execute a best practice and move to the next pain. More Money, More Time and a Better Team – all have come true”

Frank and Debra Smith

Washing Equipment of Tennessee

The Results That Matter

"Everything we do is a process or habit. For every result we get there is a perfect process for producing it. Thus if we want to change the results we must adopt a new process."

Proven Best Practices

I compiled the best practices from business coaches and leaders that have a track record of success! All layed out in a format that is easy to follow and learn.

10 Years of Coaching Knowledge

I have had a lot of success in my own working life and I have spent over 10 years sharing my experience with businesses across the country. I know what works and how to teach it to you.

24/7 Access

Full access to all material 24/7 wherever you have internet access. Work on your schedule at your own pace.

Change your methods
not who you are

“To become successful you don’t have to change who you are you just have to become more of who you are at your best”

– Sally Hogshead


With a wide range of experience, Rick Wallace has developed skills in many business areas. He uses his expertise and skills to show his clients how to drive profitable growth.


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