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Over and over I hear business owners lament that their team needs more processes, needs to be more efficient, more productive, more profitable and less dependent on the owner to make the business “work”.

Jim Collin’s famously said if you can answer, unequivocally, YES to the the following – you have a great company: “The Right People, Doing the Right Things, Right. “

So if you focus on recruiting , building a virtual bench, Topgrading  and hiring A Players (basic skills, eager to continuously learn and get better, engaged with the team, with your values and purpose), you’ll eventually have a group of A Players.

If we set SMART goals, prioritize the Essential Rocks to make the goals, use Weekly Coaching Conversations and Scorecards to help them “learn and get better” and stay focused on finishing and achieving their goals, then we can turn to the last part —- we have to do Things Right.

A Players are engaged, so we need to give them something to engage them and empower them and retain them. How? Focusing them on seeing waste and eliminating it every day will ensure we are doing Things Right, and learning and getting better and making our jobs more enjoyable.

The process of all processes– 2 Second LEAN, requires full immersion, by the book, culture change that will complete the trifecta. Look at the 8 Wastes in your business, in everyone’s business and watch this introduction video by Paul Akers the father of 2 Second LEAN.

There is waste in sales, service, marketing, accounting, billing, production, shipping, etc. Every department has waste.

Imagine, for a moment, your company with all those eyes and minds focused on making everything more enjoyable, more efficient, more productive – seeing waste and fixing what bugs them every day. This is the final Essential process that will provide the best solution to the issues we all struggle with every day. 2 Second LEAN – Watch this powerful presentation as Paul Akers shows you how and why!

Want to rollout 2 Second LEAN? Here are two documents complete with video and text to get you started:

Owners Guide – What, how and why – videos and text

First 20 Huddles – Planned out along with videos to facilitate great 2 Second LEAN huddles.